Wildlife and Conservation

Raven Quest works to protect and promote the wildlife around Dartmoor and other parts of Devon. The health and vitality of woodland and moorland is at the heart of Raven Quest’s aspiration and the conservation of these crucial wild habitats is at the forefront of his work with the Woodland Trust.

The name Raven Quest was chosen by Matt Parkins as the raven is a magnificent Dartmoor character with an inquisitive mind and, as an expert aviator, has a sense of fun.

Raven Quest

As a blogger and magazine columnist, Matt wants to engage with people to share in the same passion for the wild parts of Devon and contributes to the Active Dartmoor magazine, the Fingle Woods blog and the East Dartmoor Woods blog.

As a wildlife interpreter, Matt runs nature walks and talks, conservation activities and outdoor classrooms that can lead to the achievement of the John Muir Award.

Read about the latest activities of Raven Quest on this site at Woodland Management and see a selection of wildlife photos or view videos on Youtube.

Contact me if you are interested in outdoor learning and adventures around Dartmoor and wild Devon. Please call 07884 241695 or email matt@ravenquest.co.ukcropped-img_3467.jpg

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  1. Great work Matt. We live on a truly wonderful planet which we as a species generally take for granted. At 8 billion we are in danger of irrevocable damage which will render it unsustainable for us and most other animals. Will it happen? Probably yes in my opinion, and even though you and I won’t be around to see it we did our bit to warn people…and did they listen?


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